Our team

Our team
Daniel Barenboym
Founder & CEO

Daniel is a Massachusetts resident and a father of 3 kids, all in the 0-13 range. With over 13 years of experience in the technology field Daniel saw a need in a tool to help better organize kids daily lives, their activities and communicate to other parents on a range of subjects regarding kids education and upbringing. Thus GROVVUP was born. A visionary with an idea to help others Daniel is very involved in his community and his kids lives.

Prior to GROVVUP Daniel ran a successful Insurance Investigations company and has helped the insurance industry find fraud and in the process save millions of dollars annually.

Today his days are spent talking to parents, educators, PTO's and local and national parent groups. hearing their issues and looking for ways to improve GROVVUP. With so many issues ranging from finding activities to working with special needs children Daniel has a vision of making GROVVUP the #1 place on the internet for a parent to turn to whenever they have a question, a problem or advice for others.

Anna Furman
Director Sales & Marketing

Anna is a creative component to GROVVUP. Born in St. Petersbourg, Russia, Anna loves diverse and multicultural community of Boston where she and her family resides for the past decade. Active mom of two kids ages 5 and 11, Anna was always looking to communicate with other parents and the idea to bring them all under one virtual roof inspired her to join GROVVUP team.

Prior to GROVVUP, Anna lead marketing departments in several companies and brings her experience in a comprehensive range of marketing programs and systems. She also supported several strategic projects, including the prestigious Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame, CRM work, marketing campaign coordination, and website management.

In her spare time, Anna is one of the leaders of a creative art team of BOOM Multifamily Theater in Boston.

Alex Petetsky
Director of Operations

Visionary and goal-oriented senior IT executive with demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing cutting edge information solutions to address business opportunities.

Proven track record of leading high performing teams that are responsible for product development, delivery, and support. Results-driven leader experienced in delivering high-quality software. 

Technical project leader responsible for overall planning, execution, and success of complex solutions. Experienced in risk management and creating and tracking project measurements to ensure success.

Alex is a resident of a Boston area and has a 10 year-old son. When Alex joined GROVVUP he was well aware of challenges that are presented to parents during the early stages of child development. He is now active in trying to bring solutions to other parents who are faced with similar issues.

Dmitriy Akinshin
Head of Development

Dmitry is the father of two daughters, aged 8 and 9 years. Resident of Russia.

Graduated from Azerbaijan Technical University in 2003.

Working in IT since 1997. He was engaged in web-development, network engineering. Led division of the largest Internet provider of Azerbaijan.